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Two-word truths

Image of Two-word truths


These twelve 9" x 9" prints are part of my "Two-word truths" series. Each design is originally hand-lettered with a Pentel brush pen, and then hand-carved and printed in black ink on bright white 250gsm cotton archival paper. Each print fits perfectly in the simple (and affordable!) Ikea Ribba frame.

Currently only shipping within North America; more details in the Policies section. Toronto friends: please contact me about hand-delivery to save on shipping.

Please specify print of choice when placing your order:
1) Give back.
2) Help others.
3) Play fair.
4) Listen up.
5) Be patient.
6) Be yourself.
7) Speak out.
8) Be honest.
9) Keep calm.
10 Take care.
11) Work hard.
12) Do good.

1 print: $20
2 prints: $30
All 12 prints: $120 (subject to availability)

Click on the photo to enlarge. More detailed photographs on my blog.

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